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Freedom Link - Going places with you.
About Freedom Link

Vacation without worrying about your medical equipment

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We can't control the weather or the airlines, but we can guarantee peace of mind to traveling patients of Freedom Link®.

Call 866-693-3012, with one phone call, you can arrange for oxygen or other medical equipment needs before you leave home, and know that you'll be taken care of at each stop on your itinerary.

Freedom Link® is a 24-hour a day services for traveling and relocating patients. Freedom Link® works because it is a division of The VGM Group, the largest network of independent HME dealers in the U.S. We have more than 2,000 medical equipment provider members in more than 3,500 locations. Annually, Freedom Link® handles 12,000 referrals.

If a patient should have an emergency arise there is a toll-free, 24-hour-a-day assistance is available by calling 866-693-3012.

Freedom Link® provides peace of mind, and all you have to do is enjoy your trip!

Our Team

Brad Werkmeister

Brad Werkmeister
Associate V.P.

866-693-3012 ext. 6542

I've been an associate with Freedom Link since 1990. Van Miller, President of VGM, gave me my start just out of high school as a service technician delivering oxygen for ten years. In the past 15 years Freedom Link has grown to five full time employees helping patients travel to all parts of the world. With this job there is never a dull moment. We handle 300-400 referrals a week, and that's during our slow time. When the snowbirds fly it gets even busier! Here at Freedom Link, our objective is to keep the referrals within the independent DME network. With our experience in taking hundreds of calls, we can offer you some of the best advice available for traveling with your medical equipment.

Cathy Bowman

Cathy Bowman
866-693-3012 ext. 8466

I have been with VGM Freedom Link since 2000. We help patients that want to travel with their oxygen and medical needs. I enjoy speaking with people from all over the United states.

Dave Hach

David Hach
866-693-3012 ext. 6539

I got my start in the Homecare business, driving a liquid oxygen truck for a locally owned company here in Waterloo, IA. It was later purchased by a national company and I continued to work there for 8.5 years. I started working for VGM & Associates in 1995 and was the 37th employee. Now we are over 400 strong. I enjoy working in the Freedom Link department helping our members with their oxygen patients who have relocation and vacation needs. Just because you are on oxygen, doesn't mean you have to be a shut in.