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Available Equipment


Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Sequal Eclipse
Manufacturer: Sequal

A big, cumbersome, power hungry, 50-pound, continuous-flow stationary concentrator? Or a pulse portable concentrator that won’t produce continuous-flow oxygen for sleep?

It’s a decision you don’t have to make. Now there’s a concentrator that eclipses both and is exactly what the people have always wanted – and needed: a single, do-it-all oxygen system.


  • Up to 3 LPM continuous flow oxygen for nocturnal use, exercise, and other times when pulse flow just won’t do
  • For times when pulse flow is the choice, the Eclipse has pulse settings from 1 to 6
  • Runs on household AC current, DC from an auto accessory (lighter) outlet, or its internal auto-recharge power cartridge
  • Rugged good looks; easy to use, easy to clean, easy to service, long service intervals for lower life-cycle costs
  • A power miser, the low electrical consumption means less heat, noise and longer life
  • Lightweight and easy to move, the Eclipse is the perfect home concentrator… and you can take it with you!